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Belgian Classics

Lindemans – ‘Kriek’

33,00 kr.

Cherry Lambic from Vlezenbeek, Vlaanderen Belgium 3.5% 25cl Bottle

45,00 kr.

A traditional Flemish Red Ale, Matured in Oak casks with a smooth and rich texture. Belgium 33cl Bottle

45,00 kr.

The classic belgian pale ale, fermented with Brett in the bottle. Villers-devant-Orval, Luxembourg Belgium 6,2% 33 cl bottle.

43,00 kr.

Belgian Dark Ale with no spices brewed with Summit, Columbus, Saaz and Amarillo hops. Amager, Denmark 6,5% 44 cl can.

39,00 kr.

Strong, dark, Belgian Christmas ale, with winter and zesty seasonal aromas. Aniseed notes are complemented by hints of creamy caramel and fire-roasted chestnuts. Watou, Vlaanderen, Belgium 10% 33cl. Bottle.

215,00 kr.

The Nath is a result of macerated Rhubarb in 2 Years old Lambic. Naturally refermented in the bottle. Brussels, Belgium 5.5% 75cl Bottle

205,00 kr.

Grand Cru Bruocsella Lambic 3 years. Anderlecht, Belgium 5% 75cl. Bottle.

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153,00 kr.

100% organic geuze from Cantillon. Anderlecht, Belgium 5% 75cl. Bottle.

199,00 kr.

100% Bio Kriek from Cantillon. Anderlecht, Belgium 5% 75cl. Bottle.

61,00 kr.

Belgian quad stored on oak and pine needles with notes of ripe fruit, oak, sweets and marzipan. Amager, Denmark 10,5% 44 cl can.

39,00 kr.

Belgian winter ale. Malty, fruity, spicy. Brewed with 6 different herbs. Mechelen, Belgium 10.5% 33 cl. Bottle.

97,00 kr.

Belgian winter ale. Roast caramel malts and a balanced dose of hops gives a subtle aroma and rich fruity taste. Pipaix, Belgium 12% 75cl. Bottle.

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