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Barley Wine & Strong Ale

Kasper Brew Co – ‘POWER’

73,00 kr.

A Double Mashed Wheat Wine with the brewers own wheat malt syrup added! Hvidovre, Denmark 10.9% 44cl Can

97,00 kr.

The completion of a 2 Part series, this Modern Aged Barley Wine has rested for 1.5 Years in French Armagnac Barrels. It’s a dark, smooth modern Barley Wine with flavours of dried fig, caramel, Licorice, burnt sugar and oak with a light Smokey finish. Fanø, Denmark 13% 50cl Bottle

61,00 kr.

Amager Bryghus’ seasonal Barley Wine – brewed to a new recipe every year. Amager, Denmark 10% 44 cl can.

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155,00 kr.

Try Thyras Bryg’s series of 3: A stout, a barleywine & a blend of those two: A stouwine – and find out which one is your favorite (and save money too). Roskilde, Denmark 3 x 33cl. Cans.

Barley Wine & Strong Ale

Thyras Bryg – ‘Blend 2023’

59,00 kr.

Blend 2023 is a blend of this years Imperial Stout & Barley Wine – A Stoutwine. One of a series of 3. Try all 3 and see which one is your favorite! Roskilde, Denmark 9.25% 33cl. Can.

Barley Wine & Strong Ale

Thyras Bryg – ‘Barley Wine 2023’

59,00 kr.

Classic English style Barley Wine. One of a series of 3. Try all 3 and see which one is your favorite! Roskilde, Denmark 10% 33cl. Can.

95,00 kr.

Double mashed Barley Wine & Stout mixed beer. Collaboration between Kasper Brew & Spybrew. 2023 edition. Hvidovre, Denmark 14% 44cl. Can.

110,00 kr.

7 YEARS SERIES Barrel aged sherry style Barley Wine blend. Alkmaar, Netherlands 12% 44cl. Can.

80,00 kr.

German style dark strong ale, aged in bourbon barrels for 16 months. Notes of dark fruits, leather, honey, chocolate, coconut, vanilla, toasted oak and tobacco. Storvorde, Denmark 11.5% 33cl. Can.

175,00 kr.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy. Barrel: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 13 months. Kastrup, Denmark 12,5% 75 cl bottle.

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