Dine øl-entusiaster på The Beer Hive er klar til at hjælpe dig!

Jessica The Beer Hive Amager

Jessica Blacker
Manager / Owner

Amager’s new ‘Beer Momma’ – Jessica has been a part of Hop House from Day 1 and has a passion for quality craft beer especially Session IPAs and Sours and runs things at The Hive

Tom The Beer Hive Amager

Tom Fieldsend
Owner / Partner

Hardcore craft beer entusiast, Tom is also the co-founder and partner of the local beer bar Hop House Amager

Nikoline The Beer Hive Amager

Nikoline Calmann Jensen
Owner / partner

The sour and coconut enthusiast. Together or apart, always in my heart!

Alex The Beer Hive Amager

Alex Bjærge Larsen
Owner / partner

The brew nerd of the group. Alex is a homebrewer, contractbrewer and a certified hophead!