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70,00 kr.

Barrel aged mixed fermentation sour, aged for 15 months. Copenhagen, Denmark 6% 37,5cl. Bottle.

45,00 kr.

Tart winter sour brewed with heaps of cranberry. Reading, Berkshire England 5% 44 cl can.

Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Vault City Brewing – ‘Strawberry Sundae’

45,00 kr.

Fruited sour brewed with loads of scottish strawberries and vanilla. Contains lactose. Edinburgh, Scotland 5% 44 cl can.

Belgian Classics

Lindemans – ‘Kriek’

33,00 kr.

Cherry Lambic from Vlezenbeek, Vlaanderen Belgium 3.5% 25cl Bottle

45,00 kr.

A traditional Flemish Red Ale, Matured in Oak casks with a smooth and rich texture. Belgium 33cl Bottle

Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Vocation Brewery – ‘Made In Manchester’

47,00 kr.

Grape, Raspberry & Blackcurrant sour ale. Hebden Bridge, England 5% 44 cl can.

71,00 kr.

A mixed fermentation sour beer with danish black cherries from Frederiksdal. Blended with a whiskey BA stout. Gørløse, Denmark 9% 37,5 cl bottle.

109,00 kr.

Sour Cherry Kriek with a second fermentation in the bottle itsel! From Vlezenbeek, Vlaanderen, Belgium 7% 75cl bottle

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80,00 kr.

Barrel aged blended Flanders Red with Scottish plums. Blended with 80% young beer and 20% mature beer, that have been aged in Calvados oak barrels. Dundee, Scotland 7.5% 37,5cl. bottle

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Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Vault City Brewing – ‘Mulled Dark Cherry’

53,00 kr.

Christmas sour with cherries. Edinburgh, Scotland 4,8% 44 cl can.

45,00 kr.

Alcohol free raspberry custard berliner weisse. Oslo, Norway 0,5% 44 cl can.

Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Elmeleven – ‘Cosmic Winter’

79,00 kr.

Blackcurrant and Orange Zest Winter Sour. Malmo, Sweden 7,5% 44 cl can.

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