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52,00 kr.

Classic German Style Gose. Sour, salty and with a hint of spice and citrus from coriander seeds. Albertslund, Denmark 4% 44cl. Can.

80,00 kr.

Sour wild ale barrel aged for two years in oak barrels. Hvidovre, Denmark 7% 44 cl can.

98,00 kr.

Traditional organic gueuze from the amazing Cantillion brewery. Anderlecht, Bruxelles, Belgium 5.5% 37,5cl. Bottle.

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62,00 kr.

Pastry/smoothie sour jam-packed with unfermented fruit for the freshest aromas and flavours, featuring ripe banana, juicy pineapple, coconut cream, and spirulina to create the iconic blue colour. Edinburgh, Scotland 6,8% 44 cl can.

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62,00 kr.

Pastry sour with decadent layers of white chocolate meet raspberry tartness to create an intense flavour combination. The addition of creamy vanilla and lactose creates a rich, thick mouthfeel, all resting on a delicate sour base. CONTAINS LACTOSE. Edinburgh, Scotland 8% 44 cl can.

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Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Vault City Brewing – ‘Mango Lime Lassi’

62,00 kr.

Fruited sour with juicy mango, creamy vanilla, and a sprinkle of Chai spices blend with zesty lime, culminating in a light acidity that rounds off each sip. Edinburgh, Scotland 5,7% 44 cl can.

45,00 kr.

A traditional Flemish Red Ale, Matured in Oak casks with a smooth and rich texture. Belgium 33cl Bottle


Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Fanø Bryghus x ÅBEN – ‘Swing Om Sour’

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The result of a collaboration between Åben and Fanø Bryghus is a fruity and refreshing sour brewed with rose hips and sea buckthorn. Copenhagen, Denmark 6,0% 44cl. Can.

36,00 kr.

Flemish Primitive ale with dragonfruit. An alcohol-free revitalising beer with notes of pear and kiwi. Copenhagen, Denmark 0,3% 33cl. Can.

310,00 kr.

Belgian Lambic from 2018. Macerated for little over six months with 72% raspberries and 28% sour cherries. Beersel, Belgium 6% 75cl. Bottle.

335,00 kr.

Belgian Organic Lambic from 2018 with 76% raspberries and 24% cherries. Beersel, Belgium 5.8% 75cl. Bottle.

Berliner Weisse & Fruited Sours

Brewsketeers – ‘Tropical Hunter’

55,00 kr.

The latest from Brewsketeers is this fruited sour boasting a delightfully full body that is punctuated by lively acidity and packed to the brim with mangoes, peaches and passion fruit. Amager, Denmark 4.3% 44cl. Can.

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