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72,00 kr.

Ice cream smoothie sour with loads of fresh mangos and vanilla icecream. Extra thick, creamy, tangy and sweet like a Solero ice cream. (Contains LACTOSE) Glasgow, Scotland 8% 44cl. Can.

99,00 kr.

Smoothie/pastry sour with grapefruit, cherries, sea salt, vanilla and LACTOSE. Fargo, ND, USA 6% 47,3cl. Can.

56,00 kr.

Pastry sour with flavor of sweet strawberry jam, creamy white chocolate and topped off with a honeycomb crust. Contains LACTOSE. Edinburgh, Scotland 4.1% 44cl. Can.

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62,00 kr.

2.0 of the modern sour beer from Vault City twinned with Væskebalancen! This is a pastry sour we have all been waiting for! A delicious fruit blend with tart berries and a gentle creamy sweetness. Contains LACTOSE. Edinburgh, Scotland 6.4% 44cl Can.

66,00 kr.

Pastry sour with orange, mandarin, blood orange, mango and lactose. Oslo, Norway 6% 44cl. Can.

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